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Meta Humans Needed

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In Technology World is an online blog which aims to serve Android, Windows, and Apple tricks, tips and more to the fellow visitors. The website was founded on May 2010 but was not very active till 2014. After 2014, we started to do our part on the website to make it available and findable for all of the Earthlings (and for aliens (if they exist)). The aim of the website is to make your smartphone a better usable thing for you.

Moving onto our next aim, and it is to get approved for Google Adsense before 2017. You may think it's a long-term work. Well, it's not, the end (of this year) is around here. So after the end, it's just 365 days left for our huge success. This aim is not only to get approved but also to get paid before 2017. This is our deadline.

Need Some Meta-Human

If you watch The Flash (TV-Series) surely you will know what a meta means. If not, a meta-human is human with some cool powers which they got after a particle accelerator explosion. If you still didn't get what I said just google. 

Come to the point (. I'm here)

So we're looking for some good meta-humans who can do the work for us. We need metas with super cool writing skill and that's metas we're looking for. The meta should be a good, we don't need any bad metas since they can destroy our web site (just kidding...). So  if you're the meta we're looking for, feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere and whenever (unless I'm sleeping).

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