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6 Apr 2017

Alcatel is back in business, with a new "revolutionary" phone.

Alcatel has just announced it's 'Flash" phone, with 2 front-facing cameras, and 2 rear-facing ones. That's 4 cameras! Yes, the rear ones come with flash. However, this is not the first time we're hearing this. The iPhone 7 has it, along with the Oppo F3 and LGV10.

The rear-facing cameras both have 13-megapixel sensors. (HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO COPY SAMSUNG?!) One is color while the other is monochromatic. One front-facing camera is eight megapixels, and the second is five megapixels.(wow.)

We do not know the price of this phone, all we actually know is that it runs on Android Marshmellow, has a 5.5-inch 1080p display (When will 4K come, we don't know.), and has 10 cores, powered by the HelioX20 processor.

I'm just waiting for Windows 20...

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