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23 Mar 2017

2 Free Web Hosting With Custom Domain and WordPress Installation Included

free web hosting sites
Considering starting a website for free? Well, I'm here to say that you landed on the right page. In this session, we're gonna discuss 'bout free web hosting sites on the internet. This post will guide you to find the perfect one for you as it is included the best 2 free web hosting sites. There are some limits but after all, it's free. That's what matters if you're intending to start a small business.

Nowadays, there are plenty of web hosting services like GoDaddy, Big Rock and so on. But the suck your wallet and eventually you may or may not face failure. I'm not complaining them but for a beginner, it's better to stick something that gives for free until you make a decent wage out of it. But if you want to make additional cash maybe for the maintenance or whatever, you can check out 2 Paid-To-Click Website To Make Money Online.

Like I said before, there are some limitations but it's free and I guess it won't affect you right now for a while till your website became very popular. Mainly, the limitations are on disk space, bandwidth and number of websites. Apart from that, they all provide free hosting with cPanel, use of custom domain and especially all of them are ads and banner free. So your website won't look spammy or distracted for the visitors.

Without any further delay, here are the 2 Free Web Hosting With Custom Domain:

1. 000webhost

000webhost free web hosting cpanel
000webhost is one of the best out there. The website provides users with 10GB of bandwidth, 1GB of disk space and 2 websites for hosting for free. Moreover, it also has a website builder along with more than 100s of free well-designed templates or if you want, you can use WordPress too


  • Bandwidth - 10000MB
  • Disk Space - 1000MB
  • Websites - 2
  • Email Forwarders - 5
  • Website Builder - ✓
  • WordPress - ✓
  • For more visit 000webhost features

2. Hostinger

hostinger free web hosting cpanel
Similar to 000webhost but advanced and better. Unlike 000webhost, Hostinger provides more bandwidth and disk space; 100GB of bandwidth along with 2GB of disk space. That's pretty much enough for your website as long as you don't have lots of viewers/day. If you want, you can upgrade to the premium version for a few dollars. Similar to 000webhost, this also doesn't force any ads or banners on your website, makes your website clean and neat as long as you don't mess it up.


  • Bandwidth - 100GB
  • Disk Space - 2GB
  • Websites - 2
  • Website Builder - ✓
  • WordPress - ✓
Now, it's up to you. Which one of the best free web hosting service would you prefer? Did we lose something? If yes, leave a comment below and I'll catch you later. As always, subscribe to our newsletter for more these kinds of posts.

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