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21 Mar 2017

15 Cool Google Chrome Tricks To Make You Look Like A Pro

Google Chrome, the most widely used yet recognized web browser in the world. It's my favorite browser and the article you're reading now is written with the help of Chrome. And you... you right there, chances are you're also reading the article in chrome browser. If not, leave a comment below and explain why you're refusing chrome.

Chrome has been the fastest browser out there for a period of time until Microsoft Edge jumped in front of the Chrome and put it in between Firefox and Edge. I will have a deeper look into it in another article until then you can have a look at the 15 cool Google Chrome hacks, tricks, tips and more to save your precious time. To get used to the following hacks as your daily routine may take some time.
It takes time to save time. - Joseph Hooton Taylor

15. Reopen The Closed Tab

This is one of the worst problems I faced for a period. But then I came to know about the shortcut to open that mistakenly closed tab. It's so helpful that you don't need to go to Browser History to open it again. All you need is three fingers on Ctrl+Shift+T. By clicking these 3 keys simultaneously, it will open the closed tab.

14. Cycle With Tabs

Well, now you have opened the unwantedly closed tab but you're in a new trouble unless your mouse is working, just kiddin'. Anyway, to cycle between tabs all you need to do is click Ctrl+Tab to move forward and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to cycle backward. In addition, if you click the number of the tab along with Ctrl, it will open that tab. For example, Ctrl+5, this will work up to number 8.

13. Turn Text To  A Web Address

Time, one of the thing that goes forward but not backward unless you're Doctor Strange. Clicking Ctrl+Enter after entering an URL without .com and www. will automatically add those two and will arrive you at the given destination. That's one really hack.

12. Highlighting and Searching

When you're on your great research or trying to understand the meaning of a word and you want to search it in Google but for some reason suppose you're internet data is too low that it can only load one last page. So this hack is for you. Highlight the phrase, right click and Search Google For "###". This will redirect to Google with the result of what you highlighted.

11. Load Dead Websites

Have you ever had trouble finding a lost website and sometimes end up without finding it after your minutes of research? Here I am to say that maybe that website is down and you can't access with URL you already know about the website by directly clicking enter from the address bar. But there's a solution for it like every maths problems has a solution.

If you're not able to access a website with its URL then, you can check out Archive.org where they website saves the cached version of all websites in case any internet apocalypse happen. That's more likely never happen unless any AI takes over humans.

10. Use Incognito Mode For Guests

Whenever you have a party or some other meetups in your house and you're crazy relative want to open his social media account from your PC but you don't wanna sign out your account for some reasons that I don't know. Whatsoever, use incognito mode. Next time, when your friend says you to sign out your account, just say to them that there's an option called incognito mode. You can switch to that mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N concurrently, it will pop-up incognito mode and there you are.

9. Reverse-Image Search

This feels more like a detective's thing but it's not. It really helped in many situations. Once I say a scam message in WhatsApp which complaining about a school with a video as evidence. But I found it a little bit suspicious hence I thought of taking a screenshot of the video and doing a reverse-image search. And it did help me.

Google Images is a part of Google search engine which is often used to search photos but if you look at the side of the search bar, you should see a camera icon and by clicking it and upload/pasting the URL will make it look for that image on the internet. 
Do your research, Herlock Sholmes

8. Password Manager: To Not To Type Password Again

The password manager is the best and the worst. It's worst because you if you're somewhere else and don't remember your password; it's best because you don't need to type the password again. But that's not bad for people like Herlock Sholmes because you've built Mind Palace. But for those who hate to type password like me, this is the alternative for you.

Currently, there are several password manager out there but I recommend you to chose the trusted one. I feel like LastPass is a Chrome extension to store all your passwords.

7. Where Does That Link Take You

Time-consuming yet satisfying. Hovering over a link will show where it takes which is displayed on the bottom-left corner of the page. This very good especially when you're at work and don't wanna visit and NSFW websites.

6. Hold Ctrl To Open Link In New Tab

Although, there's an alternative for this option and it is by clicking the scroll wheel on the mouse, however, most laptops don't have one of those. Clicking a link while holding down Ctrl, on the other hand, will make the link open in new tab.

5. Use site: To Find Any Lost Page Of A Website

Using site:intechnologyworld.com will show all the web pages of this website and similarly, you can do this with any other URL to find the page. However, this trick also works in Bing too.

4. Result Without Searching

The title maybe a little bit confusing. What I meant was in Google Chrome there's an option which lets the user see the result without even clicking enter key to search. Open a new tab, search something like the chemical formula of Sodium Hydroxide or scientific name of Tiger or even temperature of a state, it will show the result without even searching.

3. YouTube Picture In Picture

For those who don't know about this, this is a feature which can be found in some iPhones and now in Facebook too when watching a video and reading your news feed at the same time. Even though this feature can also be found in Youtube app on Android and iOS but for PC users, it can't be done without an extension called YouTube Picture in Picture

Add the YouTube Picture in Picture extension to chrome and you're ready to go. Right click on a YouTube video and click Play Picture-in-Picture.

2. Play PAC-MAN Doodle

Ever get bored? Well, now you can play the very old but not so best game known as PAC-MAN on Google. Search PAC-MAN on Google and it'll display the game on the top of the search list.

Tired of PAC-MAN? Not a problem, you can also play Brick Breaker. Continue below

1. Play Brick Beaker 

Just type Atari Breakout on Google and select Images from there. That's it for now.

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