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26 Feb 2017

5 Websites To Prank Your Friends

Pranking is one of the funniest or tricky ways to make your friend feel dumb or to make you superior to him. Even I had once fallen into a trap that my friend set up. But it was not a big deal and didn't any serious damage (just kidding). It's really fun.

This article contain different types of prank websites; each one of them has different characteristics. Some of them can make you look like a hacker in your friend's eyes and some other can make your friends jealous about you taking to an influential people or whatever. 

Without any further adieu, here are the top 5 websites to prank your friends and tackle their brain:

5. Hackertyper

prank website
This is the website that I mentioned above which can make you look like a hacker. A real hacker. Well, it's not true. I mean, this website can't turn you into hacking but can mislead your friends, thinking that you're a hacker believing that you know programming languages. 

The website looks like a terminal which you often see in movies where the actor typing lots of things and a hacking. It's similar to it. The website writes random codes (don't know whether it's really a code) on the screen like the one in the movies do whenever you click any letter on the keyboard. When you're done writing the codes, you can either click Alt thrice for "Access Granted" message or CapsLock thrice for "Access Denied" message.

4. NorseCorp

This website kinda same but this website got good looking UI. This website can also make you look like a pro hacker in your friends and relatives eyes. Moreover, they can also be used, if you're intending to make a short film or youtube video or whatever. Also, it can make you look like hacker if you left your house opened this website and when your friends see it, they'll awe.

The website looks like a map. Maybe it can be called Tracking software. 

3. FakeUpdate

Apart from those two websites, this website is really different from both. Well, they use this website depends on the people who need it. But what came up in my mind is when you don't want your friends to use your computer, you can use this website on full screen.

The website currently got 10 fake update screen. By clicking one of those, it'll redirect to a new page in which it will look like its updating or installing the OS. It should be used in full screen so that it'd look so original.

URL:- fakeupdate.net/

2. Fake Social Media Status

This website can make your friends really jealous of you. This website helps you create a fake facebook, twitter, yahoo and another page where you can create a fake facebook status with lots of like or fake twitter tweet too.

Once your completed doing all this stuff, you can download the photo and send it your friend.

1. CrashSafari

This is the most dangerous prank of all. The can make your friend mad at you. So use this prank wisely. Unlike other pranks` that I've listed this one is completely different from all of the above.

All you need to send is the link to this website which can make your friends' phone stuck and they need to restart it to make their phone work usual.

Although, the name is CrashSafari but this also works in Chrome. We're not responsible for any damages that are caused because of it.

Lots of people used this link to crash other's phone. But most of them can't be identified that it's the link of this crashing website because they shorten the URL. So it's hard to understand.

URL:- http://crashsafari.com/ (Opening this website can freeze your phone)

Warning: This prank can go too serious. So use it wisely

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