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21 Jan 2017

Use Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook and Other Apps in your Phone

Use Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook and Other Apps in your Phone

Hey guys, we are here with a new application called Parallel Space. So in this days most of us have many accounts in a phone so when using it we switch each other which is quite annoying things. For example, you have two cellular connection and want to make two WhatsApp accounts in one phone which can’t be done, But with the help of parallel space we can clone the app and make two WhatsApp accounts. Talking about WhatsApp if you are a big WhatsApp user and spends lots of time then you must try WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition with Extreme Mods which my friend wrote last year. And also if you are a big COC [clash of clans] player and has two or more accounts, so switching each other is very difficult, and there also the app lets user clone and make two apps.

The parallel space is a free application that is developed by LBE Tech and is officially available on play store   

The parallel space will help the user to clone an application so that the user can run multiple accounts in the same phone as I said in the beginning. The application is one of the top-ranked tools in android platform and also has a 10 million users which was a huge victory for the company. The application protects the cloned apps by making it invisible on the device with the incognito feature, and also the users can customize the cloned apps in the Apps settings and can give stylish launchers themes. Parallel space supports 24 languages, which will be compatible with all most all apps.


  • Sing into multiple social media accounts or gaming accounts at once on the same device by cloning. Almost all of the apps can be cloned by parallel space, and the files from both the apps are kept separately so that there will be no interference and no trouble.
  • The application protects privacy by security lock for cloned apps and also make apps invisible on device through incognito installation   
  • We can create a customized space by applying themes. There is a list of themes customized for the users that can be applied to the cloned apps.
  • Users can use multiple accounts very fast and switch then between with one tap 
  • Parallel space is based on multidroid which is the first virtualized engine on android platform
Download Parallel Space from Play Store

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