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13 Dec 2016

Share Files Between Windows Phone, Windows, Android, iOS and OS X

Different people use different phones so do the phones runs different OS. Some may use Windows Phone/Windows PC other maybe Android or maybe iOS/OS X. Some of us use OTG cable to share files. But there are some phones which don't support OTG cable directly. We fixed that problem you can check OTG Cable Not Working? Here's a Solution. Or others use SD Card to transfer files but it's not the best option cause you need to restart your phone after re-inserting your SD Card and all those crazy stuff have to be done.

Years ago, people used to share files from one device to another via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is fine except it takes a long time and sometimes shows error messages. Or you can also send files through WhatsApp but not too long. But with WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition, you can send files up to 5GB but it's not the best way.


Shareit is a universal file sharing app. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone and Mac. Pretty much good. Now you need only one application installed on your phone to share files without any cable or OTG cable or SD Card. The files can be transferred super fast and takes only a few minutes. The app transfers file via Wifi and don't matter if internet connection is not available.

Android, Windows Phone, and iOS

The app can help you to share files between two android phones, or windows phones or transfer from iOS to Android/Windows Phone. The transferring files are so simple. The app should be installed in two phones that you want to send/receive files. This is the best file transfer app for windows phone. This is also the best Android file transfer app too so do the iOS. 


1. Connect the phones to same wifi.
2. Click Send in the phone from which you want to send files.
3. And Receive on the phone that you want to receive files to.
4. Click the avatar of the phone which you want to send.
5. Now, it will start to send files.

Windows and Mac

The application is also available on Windows and Mac. But the transferring method is not the same. The app will help you to share files between any operating and system and has no limit in file size but larger files will take a little bit longer. 

Do it on Mac and Windows

1. Open Shareit.
2. Connect either by scanning QR code or by just tapping the avatar of the phone at the bottom.
3. Now, you're ready to transfer.

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