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7 Dec 2016

OTG Cable Not Working? Here's A Solution

otg cable not connecting

Ever had a problem with connecting OTG cable to your phone or is it not working at all? Mostly, we all use pen drives to transfer files from one device to other rather than using your SD Card which really sucks cause most of the time you need to restart the phone so that the SD Card to work. So OTG cable is the handy solution for transferring files between devices.

Well, what to do if there's a problem with connecting OTG cable to your phone? Here's the solution for that problem. There are some devices which don't support OTG cable. So this post mainly focuses on those people but still if you don't have any problem with, you can still continue reading because it may be useful in future.

We all watch lots of movies, explore files and lot more things using pen drives. In some or the other, there are situations we may won't have access PC and want to access the files with the OTG cable but it is not working on many of the phones nowadays. 

No problem because nothing is Impossible in this world as long as we try.
OTG Disk Explorer Lite  is a free app for Android which is available for free in Google Play Store. The app is published by Anda Studio. With 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 and was last updated on Dec 3, 2016. The app requires Android version 3.1 and above. 

We have come up with an easy solution by installing a small application called OTG Disk Explorer Lite , which is 2MB in size. The app is officially available on play store.

The app itself is a file manager in which we can explore files from our phone also. The app was build for nexus and other flagships like Motorola but it works fine on all android phone.

So we think this will be a really good idea for those who had the problem. You also can share the solution to your friends and family who has this problem.

If there is any problem let us know in the comment box bellow so that we can come up with the another solution.

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