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2 Dec 2016

Find Free Wifi Near You

We all you use the internet either on your mobile or your PC. We can do everything on the internet from blogging to running your own business. Using Facebook, WhatsApp, and all other social media without internet is not possible at all. The Internet is loaded with entertainment, games, sarcasm, more and more.

When you go out for shopping or something but you don't wanna waste your money recharging mobile data. This article will really benefit you to save a lot of your wallet paper. We all enjoy getting free wifi at restaurant or shopping malls but did you know that there are lots of open wifi awaiting you to connect.


WifiMapper is an app for you which find open wifi near by you and even far away. According to the app developer, the have mapped almost all the cities of the world. The app is really beneficial for those who stroll around with their bullet. With this app, you can get wifi wherever you go with your device. The app includes comments from Foursquare and users' that can surely help you get the best wifi near you.
  • Make sure you download the same app as mentioned in the article. It's available in iOS and Android device. OpenSingal is the company behind this app.
  • The app will show your current location and will also be able to look the hotspot availability in other places. The green wifi icon shows the wifi without a password, that is, open/free wifi.
  • If tapped on a hotspot, it'll show some information about the wifi and review about it. 
  • Now, Enjoy!!
After all, this is really useful when you're in a bank to exchange all your old notes. What do you thing about this app? Does it really helpful? Let us now what you've in your mind.


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