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12 Dec 2016

Convert App To APK Files

convert app to apk files

As we all know downloading apps from google play store doesn’t give us the APK file. And some of my friends have a kind of hobby to store apps and games like making files on the file manager and storing. So when they download from the play store they don’t get the APK so do some kind of trick like sharing the app from one phone to other and send it back again and so it is a good idea but it takes time and needs to devices.

So to fix that problem we had found a solution by installing an application called APK Extractor Lite. The app is very good working and easy to use too.  The fun part is that the app is the smallest app in play store which is only 32 kb.

Talking about the features:- 

•Extracts with 10x speed. [which make the fastest extractor app in playstore]

•The device does not need any root access.
No disturbing ADS.

•Works with all applications. [system applications, preloaded and downloaded].

•The APK’s will be saved in /sdcard/apkextractorlite/.

•There is a search option too.

•Supports all android versions.

•Directly share APK through Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

•Various sorting option is added by looking installed date, size, version code.

•Filtering separately of downloaded and system apps.

•Direct uninstalling process can be done.

•Opens app on play store by long press. 
The application is officially available on play store.

I think this would have helped a lot of people as well as my friends and please don’t  forget to share.

 As I always say If you have any problem or need any ideas please let us now in the comment box bellow so that we can come up with.

Download Apk Extractor from Play Store

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