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28 Nov 2016

WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition with Extreme Mods: Send 10000 Images In A Click, Share Files Upto 5GB and more

Whatsapp is one of the most used and most known messaging application with over 450 million users and still counting. We all use it before even brushing the teeth and before having a dream. We use it to share photos, video, chat and more. If you're in a tour and wanna send all your photo at once instead of sending 10 at once. So Whatsapp Plus Gold Version is the option for you.

Even in WhatsApp, we get lots of hoax offering Whatsapp Gold Version but all of them are fake. Those websites will ask you to share a particular message in all of your group in order to get WhatsApp gold version within a day or few but those are fake. And I saw some of my friends actually believe that crap and sharing it as many times they can. But here I've listed the non-fake Whatsapp Plus Gold Version. After all, this is not the official app from Whatsapp. By the way, this article is mainly focused on Android users which means that the WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition will only work in Android.

(Share Files Between Windows Phone, Windows, Android, iOS and OS X)

Why Should You Use Whatsapp Plus Gold Version?

You should use it if you're a traveler or photographer or advertiser (of a website) maybe. It's like an evolved version of Whatsapp. It has lots and lots of more features than the official Whatsapp app. In Whatsapp Plus Gold Version, users can send up to 10000 images under a click, files up to 5GB and more listed below. So basically, which one do you want? It's like asking do you want Audi or Honda?


  • Change ticks or bubble
  • Watch media before downloading
  • Status can be as long as 251.99 characters rather than 139 characters
  • Copy the status of friends
  • Send up to 10000 images at once
  • Give bold names in contact
  • Change the color of name and messages as per users' wish
  • New font style
  • Change app icon + HD icons available
  • Send up to 5GB of size videos
  • Color of Emoji changed
  • Fab in included
  • Hide "last seen"
  • Variety of theme mods added
  • Variety of privacy mods added
  • Last seen or online displayed on the main screen
  • Contact status and toast added
  • Hide Archived Chats

Installing A Whatsapp Plus Gold Version

Warning: Do it at your own risk

1. Download and Install Whatsapp Messenger from Playstore.
2. Do the setup.
3. Send a message to any of your friends.
4. Backup Whatsapp Chats from WhatsApp Settings>Chat>Chat Backup.
5. Uninstall WhatsApp Messenger.
6. Download and Install WhatsApp Plus Gold Version 5.0.
7. Verify your phone number and restore your messages.
8. Now E N J O Y

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