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25 Nov 2016

Best Atlernative App for Blogger (for Android & iOS)

Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies but when I'm not in my home or not gettin' access to my PC or something like that, we'll go for the always carriable and carrying item called Mobile and started to write the article in it but when you're using BLOGGER platform to host your blog, it really sucks. So I found an absolute solution for that problem. No one ever needs to face that problem again.

Blogger app for iOS and Android is totally a disastrous app, that came from Google. It lacks almost all the features. Surely, they can bring awesome cool superb features to it but they're not doing it. So I prefer to use a third party software on both Android and iOS. I've listed one app for each platform, for iOS and Android.

BlogIt! (Blogger) for Android

It has more feature than blogger app. Within the app, there are lots of more features like aligning photos, manage comments and more. The app is user-friendly, have fewer bugs and more advanced options. East to use and more efficient. This app is recommended for all BLOGGER blogger. Moreover, it's available for free.

Download BlogIt! 

BlogPad Pro for iOS

This another alternative app of blogger for iOS users. This soo cool than the android one. It has lots of more and more feature than BlogIt. This app supports Wordpress and Blogger. This app is user-friendly and very well customized and displayed. This app allows adding Tables (which blogger website don't feature), Quote and some other with well displayed. You must try this than trying the official Blogger app. And finally, this app don't show any advertisement and that is one of the plus points of the app.


Holding trouble in writing articles in Blogger app? Hereabouts the solution for that problem. The listed two app is way more effective than official Blogger app.

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