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26 Nov 2016

2 Apps to Combine All Your Messaging Apps Into One

Messaging is an alternative option for talking. People use different applications for this purpose. People use WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat etc. When you're running a business and client use some other types of messaging app so you really need to respond them. I more than 100s of notification daily so using all the different apps for each app is really a difficult task for me. So to make that easier there are some apps that can combine all your messaging service into one single application. And save your lots of efforts.

The following listed application for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Thankfully, they are compatible with these most commonly used OS. The another way this app is helpful is when I'm doing some online work like blogging or somethin', these type of apps are really super beneficial.


This is my favorite message service combining application. I use it daily. The app is very user-friendly and eases to use. Currently, it has 34 services in it and still adding new services. It'll create tabs for each service added. It's like using a browser with all the messaging services built-in it. Moreover, when you're too curious on doing something or focused and don't wanna get disrupted, this app let you turn off all notification on a pressure of a click.

Franz allows users to add any messaging service as much as times want which is soo beneficial especially for those who runs a small business or online business. Franz is available on Windows, OS X, and Linux.


Rambox is an open source application similar to Franz but with an advantage to adding custom services. Both are pretty much same with a little difference in UI. Rambox has more built-in services than Frenz and about 40 services more.

Similarly to Franz, Rambox also let the user add any service as much time as they want. Like I said, it is soo useful for those who runs an online business. Like Franz, this application also has the option to turn off notifications by Don't Disturb mode on.
Moreover, Rambox also lets the user lock Rambox and stop spying eyes. So no one else can access your messaging services. 

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