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5 Jul 2016

Oukitel K7000 Offers 7000mAh Battery Within 4mm Thick Body

This is another monster battery phone from famously know company called Oukitel. Oukitel is known for releasing a phone with 10,000mAh of battery capacity and known as Oukitel K10000. Oukitel K7000 is the best phone when it comes to the people who want the phone to last for a long time and with a thick body. This phone of Oukitel offers 7000mAh of battery capacity and with the thickness of 4mm. What!!!! A phone with 4mm thick body offers 7000mAh. Stop reading here if don't want to know how.

Let's reveal the secret. Oukitel not only created a phone but also a charger case named "Matrix". For bigger battery expect bulky phone but here they took a piece of cake from Apple. The idea of making phone thicker was taken from the Apple's book. Last year Apple released a built-in battery case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The case of Apple has the capacity to store 1,745mAh. Oukitel also created something similar to the one Apple did. Unlike from Apple, Oukitel sold it along with the phone.

The truth is the phone only offers 2000mAh but when you combine the 5000mAh charger case, they total is 7000mAh, So the name is Oukitel K7000. The benefit of using this is that you don't need to carry heavy weighted power banks anymore. Moreover, the Matrix can also be used to charge other phones. The can also protect the phone from falling accidentally. And finally, the most interesting feature of Matrix is that you can also get a fingerprint sensor at back.

The phone include a 5-inch display. The phone offers 2GB of RAM, 13MP of rear camera, 5MP of front camera and a 16GB of ROM which can be expanded up to 32GB. The phone has powered Android 6.0 Marshmallow and comes is three different colors: Space Grey, Champagne Gold, and Rose Gold color. Pre-sale will be starting on 25th July. Further information can be found on Oukitel's official website.

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