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19 May 2016

Nokia Is Coming Back To Phones And Tablets

Nokia is coming back with some awesome phones this year. And we're going to see phones and tablets with "Nokia" name on it. This time, Microsoft won't be involved. The upcoming coming phones will be powered Android OS which made me very disappointment. Nokia has also announced that it will license its brand to a Finnish company called HMB. And also be handled by the same company.

Bye Bye Microsoft.

Microsoft has promised that it will return victorious to Nokia phones, but seriously, they can go a little bit before they divorced. Nokia gave its license to HMB and the right to use the Nokia brand on its future smartphones and tablets in return royalty payments.

FIH Mobile is a subsidiary of Foxconn. FIH Mobile is the famous know company for building Apple iPhone and are now picked up Nokia's former feature phone business from Microsoft at a worth of $350 million.

Once the transaction has completed, Arto Nummela, ex-Nokia and Microsoft man, will be the CEO and the company's president predicted to be Florian Seiche who is also an ex-Microsoft and Nokia.

This new begin of Nokia seems to be the returning of its success to the company. This time, Nokia will be far ahead of other companies while working with HMB. The is the coming back of Nokia.


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