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2 Apr 2016

Microsoft's Murphy Skype Bot, Can Help You imagine "what if"

Microsoft has announced some interesting bots for Skype on 31/03/16 at the Build 2016. The most impressive bot that came to Skype is Murphy. This new bot is available on Skype. It's not much useful however it's for entertaining purposes. Murphy swaps the faces of two people into one. Murphy allows users to ask questions to it by typing or voice. For example, if you ask the bot that "What if Steve Jobs were Mark Zuckerberg?" The result would be the combination of both photos.

The website shows coming soon but still you can get that feature on Skype. The feature is available on three platforms; Android, iOS, and Windows. Just click Murphy and send him a message to start the bot.

It encourages the users to try with some more people and gives some laugh on our face.

The bot was created by the same group that built

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