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3 Apr 2016

This App Can Track The Intruder Who Stolen Your Phone

There is a new app protects the user's phone from getting stolen. The name of the app is UniQ Mobile Finder, was created by Pintu Singha. The app is only available to download on Android and cost just Rs. 99 after the first fourteen days of a free trial.

Nowadays phones are easily stolen. This new app gives lot more features to protect user's phone from getting lost. Most of the users are worried about losing their phones. According to the report from MarketWatch, every 3.5 seconds, one individual in America lost his/her phone. Thus protecting your phone is remarkably important. Studies say that phones over $30 billion are lost only in America in 2012. So aren't you wondering how many phones are lost in the world?


1. Captures Multiple Photos And Videos Of Theif

The first thing the thief will do after stealing a phone is to try to unlock the phone, this app will take the photos and videos (if option turned on) of the thief if enters the wrong password more than the limit you kept or if he changes the SIM card, it will send users the photos and videos by mail.

2. Send SMS To Get The Theif's Detail

If the phone is stolen and the users want to get the intruders detail before he makes any attempt, then he can just send a message by typing "Lost" from any device to the phone number. The phone will send the information.

3. SIM Card Replace Alert

The app will automatically send a mail to the provided email when the SIM card is replaced, but the option must be turned ON before the phone lost.

4. Retry Sending Mobile Theft Details

However, after reading these features you may be thinking what if there is no internet connect to send mail. The app will send the details when the phone is able to connect to the internet.

5. Send SMS To  Your Friend

The App settings have 4 fields;
  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email ID
  3. Alternative Email ID
  4. Alternative Mobile Number
However, you need to fill the 4th field with your or friend's mobile number. So that if there is no access to the internet then it will send the details to the alternative phone number.

6. Backup Contacts

The app will send user's contact if you send "Contacts" to the mobile number then it'll send all the contacts through email.

7. Mobile Switch On Alert

The app will send the thief's detail after the phone switched on. 

8. When Phone Is Moved

This is the last feature of the app. The app will precipitate an alarm when the phone is moved without the knowledge of the owner. To turn on this feature, you just need to click this button which is located at the bottom of the app and to turns off this alarm, you need to draw the pattern or the pin.

There are three settings in this feature:
  1. Custom alarm.
  2. You can set a pin or pattern to turn off the alarm.
  3. And time to activate the alarm after moving. For example, if you keep it for 5 seconds, then it will alarm after 5 seconds the phone is moved.



Download | Unique Mobile Finder AntiTheft | In Technology World

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