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1 Apr 2016

Continuum Feature Of Microsoft Will Soon Support Any PC

Microsoft has added various new features in Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PC. Continuum is one of those features that Microsoft added. Continuum lets users transform their phone into Windows 10 PC. It also lets users connect a keyboard and mouse for better comfort. Once you have connected your phone to a screen (like TV, Monitor), it’ll allow you to use Windows 10. The only fault of the feature is that every time it's connected it add extra display and keyboard.
Microsoft has announced that keyboard and display will work on any PC soon. The announcement was held at  the ongoing Build 2016 conference. Microsoft has demonstrated the feature using a Surface Book and Lumia 950 at the announcement.

It may be added a question on most of the reader that why should one use this instead of a PC. They are lots of reasons, some of them are; access to mobile apps, security and you can get all the files that're on your phone so that users don’t need the cloud to access their files.


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