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24 Apr 2016

5 Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac

These days people are looking for the best Android app player for PC and Mac. Running Android apps on PC/MAC are good because we can avoid the harm to our eyes instead of looking on a small screen of phones. There are lots of software that lets the users run Android on PC, but those are not for free or maybe a scam. We've listed the 5 best Android emulators for both PC and MAC.

Some of the main reasons people use Android emulator is to run multiple accounts, to root, and much more. Android emulator is also helpful for those who don't have Android devices.

There are many Android emulators, but all of them are not free or don't have almost all the Android features. We're here with the some of the most used and best Android emulators.

5. GENYMOTION (for PC AND MAC) is Available for Free and Paid

Genymotion is one of the perfect Android emulators. This emulator is not only on MAC and PC, but it is also supported on Linux. I called this perfect because it doesn't have any glitches like Vanellope Von Schweetz (of Wreck-it-Ralph). I cannot say that the software is completely free, but it is free for individual use.

The software can be downloaded free if you are doing it for your own purpose other than for a company or organization. Downloading and installing is simple. Just follow the instructions below:
How To Download and Install:
  1. Create an account.
  2. Click "Pricing" from the top of the page or just click here.
  3. Click on the "Individual" tab and click "Get Started".
  4. Click on "Download Genymotion package".
  5. Choose your platform and it'll start to download.
Or skip these steps if you already have an account.
Download from here.

1. Enterprise
  1. $412/year for business.
  2. Enterprise price is not listed, if you need one, then you need to contact them.
2. Individual
  1. Free for Basic.
  2. $136/year for Indie.

4. YOUWAVE (ONLY PC) is Available for Free and Paid

Youwave is one of the worst emulators for those who look for free. Youwave is available for free and paid version. For me, the free version is so bad and I think this will be the same for who look for free. However, I only said that the free version is bad, but the paid version is good but not as good as GENYMOTION. The advantage is that it has a unique design.

Download from here.

3. Droid4X (for PC AND MAC) is Free

Droid4X is not like other emulators and its free. It has lots of awesome features which no other emulator has. It is mainly for gaming purpose. Furthermore, it comes with Pre-rooted OS and Play Store installed. It has good compatibility, interface, and performance.

After all, the best feature is that you can use your keyboard to control and play games. You can also control the game with your Android smartphone so that it'll be like playing with a joystick.


  • Pre-rooted with Google Play Store installed.
  • Shake the screen feature is included.
  • Copy and Paste anything between your computer and emulator
  • The Moving scroll wheel can zoom in and zoom out.
  • Use phone as the game controller
  • Can control on the keyboard
How To Download and Install:
1. Online Installer:
  1. Download Droid4X online installer.
  2. Open the downloaded setup by double clicking it.
  3. Set the install destination folder (if you want a custom destination).
  4. The installation process will start after you click the "Install" button.
  5. It will take a few minutes (according to your internet speed).
  6. Once the installation complete then it'll start to load the emulator.
2. Offline Installer:
  1. Download Droid4X offline installer.
  2. Open the downloaded setup by double clicking it.
  3. Set the install destination folder (if you want a custom destination).
  4. The installation process will start after you click the "Install" button.
  5. After installation completed, click the "Finish" button to open the emulator.

2. ANDYROID (for PC AND MAC) is Available for Free and Paid

Andyroid can be the most advanced emulator after Droid4X. The emulator is growing very well and it looks like a normal Android tablet. The emulator is available on both Windows and Mac OS X. The emulator comes in two variants - Andy OS and Andy OS Pro Enterprise. The pro version cost $12/month. You can buy up to 9 pro license.

The main feature of it is that it can be controlled by a smartphone to play games with better comfort and you can also sync data to mobile.

1. Andyroid OS - Free
2. Andyroid OS Pro Emulator - $12/monthly

Download from here for Windows.

1. Bluestacks (for PC AND MAC) is Free

Bluestacks is my most favorite Android emulator for PC and Mac OS X and the best of all emulators. It is simple and easy to use. Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator in the world and I'm sure that you are familiar with this emulator. Its is free to install on both PC and Mac OS X.

When it comes to installing the Android apps, then everyone goes to this emulator first. However, this emulator is not so good for testing apps, but for gamers and app users this is the best.

Bluestacks has two versions - Bluestacks and Bluestacks 2. Bluestacks 2 is released this year and has a lot more features like shaking the screen, install apk, comes with pre-installed Google Play Store, and much more. But Bluestack 2 is not available for Mac OS X yet. Moreover, it's the best emulator that I've used. All you need is a decent graphics on your computer.

Download from here.

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