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28 Mar 2016

Windows 10 Chinese Government Edition Made By Microsoft

Each time Microsoft release a new version of Windows they also announce the same Windows OS with the something more and only for a specific group of people. The reason why we’re telling this because Microsoft has also released a Windows 10 for Chinese Government with some special features on it. It’s mainly used for security purposes. Other than that Chinese government also funding for NeoKylin besides Microsoft OS. NeoKylin is also security based OS. Furthermore, Microsoft has named it Windows 10 Zhuangongban.

This specific OS (aka Windows 10 Zhuangongban) was first reported by Caixin (Chinese Magazine). It was later confirmed by Ralph Haupter (aka Microsoft China’s CEO).

So maybe you were wondering what are the difference. The special edition of Windows 10 has some difference from the Windows 10 Edition, Windows 10 Zhuangongban mainly focusing on fewer consumer apps and service while improving the management and security control, in agreement with the requirement of the Chinese Government.


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