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29 Mar 2016

Ringing Bells Is Under Police Investigation

Ringing Bells is now under police investigation about the price of Freedom 251 being just $4. The phone is classified as the world’s cheapest smartphone that has been sold. The complaint has been issued by Kirit Somaiya, leader of Bhartiya Janata Party (aka BJP).

A filed complaint has been issued against Ringings Bells by Kirit Somaiya saying that the manufacture is violating IT Act and Section 420 of the IPC. Furthermore, She also says that it’s not possible to sell a smartphone for that price and reported as a Ponzi scheme.

Ringing Bell hasn't created a phone by themselves rather the re-branded Chinese smartphone called Adcom IKon 4. Adcom sells it Ikon 4 at a price of $60. The company said at a press conference that that company has distributed its gadget with an Adcom’s logo, which was covered by office whitener, said the company. 

Mohit Goel, MD at Ringing Bell said in a statement that:
I do maintain that we will deliver the most-affordable quality products to our customers through our various range of smartphones, including the Freedom 251
He also said the smartphone can be much cheaper due to “innovative e-commerce cross promotion”. Goel also said that the customer will receive the smartphone by 30 June 2016.


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