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25 Mar 2016

Leaked photo of Apple iPhone 7 is fake. Here’s why?

In these days, it is very difficult to identify whether a picture of the upcoming handset is fake or not. Last week a fake photo leaked which claimed to is the photo of Apple iPhone 7. However, it is not the photo of iPhone 7. There are some mistakes in that fake little-photoshopped picture. The photoshopped picture of iPhone doesn’t have a home button but this doesn’t make the viewer not to believe it because fingerprint scanner can be placed inside a phone’s display and 3D Touch can be added instead of the home button.

Another photo of the same phone was tweeted by @Onleaks has shown the debunk of the picture. In the photo 3.5mm, headset jack is gone, but if you look carefully at the picture you can find the headset jack on the reflection.

It has much more chance that 3.5mm headset jack to be removed, but we think it is not likely to remove the home button for now.

Source: @Onleaks


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