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3 Mar 2016

How To Play Facebook Messenger's Secret Chess Game

Are you bored? Wanna play chess with a friend? Today we're here to reveal you one of the most awesome and unknown features of Facebook. Facebook's messenger and chat function (in Computer) have a secret chess game created by Facebook. It's very easy to run the game by just typing "@fbchess play". You can move the pieces by typing... for example "@fbchess Pe4" this will move the Pawn piece which is above the letter "e" to square E4.

For instructions you can type "@fbchess help" and you'll find the short form of all characters like K for King and Q for Queen and how to play it. To end the game you need to type"@fbchess resign", To view the statistics type "@fbchess stats".


  • Type "@fbchess play black" to get black pieces and if you don't specify the color it will go with white first.

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