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16 Jan 2016

Microsoft's Awesome Windows Phone Keyboard to iOS

Windows Phone keyboard was made cool in Windows Phone 8.1 update. The Windows Phone keyboard has lot more feature and easier than most of the keyboard that I ever used. This keyboard has a lot more feature such as word flow with autocorrect, gestures, suggestions and you can also swipe letters to letter to make a word just like the Swype keyboard.

Most time when I use the android or iOS keyboard, I mistakenly click the letter which is next to it but in Windows Phone keyboard I didn't have this trouble.

Microsoft is deciding to make its Word Flow keyboard available on iOS and soon for other platforms. This disappointed me and most of the Windows Phone users. Microsoft clearly said that it is trying to be focused on experience across multiple platforms, instead of keeping the feature only on windows phones. And Microsoft also made Cortana available on Android, which made me very sad.

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