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1 Feb 2016

6 Features That you must know in Whatsapp

Mute the group chat
Some of our friends would be very much active at groups, so there would be a lot noisier so we can manage the sound from it in some simple steps >take your WhatsApp group >press the options menu >press mute and select the time-frame you want.

Who all are seen, your group message
Usually when you are chatting you can understand by the blue tick that they had seen your message, but in the group you can't know that, but you can now that with some simple steps >press and hold your message and you can see an I icon in the menu bar > press the icon for information.

Save your mobile data
Normally in WhatsApp we will receive many photos, videos and audios and it is auto-downloading, so we can save our data by changing the settings by some steps: Settings >Chats and Calls >media auto-download change the settings according to your wish.

New feature
We all know that WhatsApp is developing very fast and now we can change our profile and status from the web app
The company updated the app and users can change by simply tapping on the profile on the left-hand corner to use laptop camera and Google drive.

Disabling read receipt and last seen
We all use to see the last seen by the friends and also check that if they had read our message by seeing the blue tick. Now we can disable our last seen, profile, photo, status and read recipients if need. To do this go to Settings >Account settings >Privacy and you will get the options there.

Backup to a new number
When we take a new Sim our chat history would not be there. To back up go to Settings>Account >change number and backup your account.

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