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8 Nov 2015

Micro SD Support is Included in Android M Update

Google's new upcoming Android M OS have official support for SD Card, straight from Google.

The SD Card support feature of the Android M OS is called Adoptable Storage Device. This feature allows the Android M OS working device to adopt an SD Card as internal storage after formatting and encrypting. This feature of Android M allows its user to shift data between their phone and their adopted SD Card. Android M OS even allows the user to store application on an SD Card and get enough availability of internal storage.

But this feature doesn't allow the user to backup or transfer data between multiple devices. Once the SD Card is adopted into the Android M OS running device and it will format and encrypt according to that device, then that SD Card will not work on any other device. But Luckily, SD Card is gettable for a cheap price.

Google's own device, called Nexus, is not able to use this feature because it does not have an SD Card slot. Even though it is better to not to have an SD Card slot because it can get high speed and performance.

Anyway, we don't need to waste our money for buying more storage in a particular device like Samsung Galaxy S6's standard internal storage is 16GB but if you want more we need to pay more to get 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB.

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