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13 Nov 2015

Cortana is Now Available in India, With Indian Voice

Cortana is the official voice based virtual assistant on Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft launched Cortana as part of the November update of the Windows which is launched on yesterday (12-11-2015).

In September Microsoft announced Cortana as a part of its Inside Preview. Microsoft said in September that it was still working on ameliorating (improving) Indian voice support.

Microsoft said that it has taken some more time to develop an Indian voice. Cortana now knows Indian-specific knowledge bases, like Pani Puri(golgappas), cricket, etc.

Microsoft had added a new feature to Cortana. Cortana can now identify Indian festivals and customs. For example, Cortana knows what is Diwali. When asked to Cortana it says the festival of lights, Cortana says, "in the courtyard of AI imagination, I would light up a thousand diyas.".

The Indian voice of Cortana is not supported for Windows Phone yet, but it will be supported in Windows 10 Mobile update.

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