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15 Nov 2015

Android Google Maps get Offline Navigation and Search Feature

When you go for a long trip you don't know the route, but if you have a GPS, then you can find it easily. Most of the GPS products have offline map feature. So you maybe think that you also need to get one. But don't buy a new GPS navigator instead of it buy an Android Smartphone and install Google Maps on it.

Google Maps had two new features; Offline Navigation and Search Feature. These both feature are supported in every android which can run Google Maps.

When you go for a long trip maybe you won't have a good internet connection so Google Maps added offline navigation and now you can go anywhere. When you connect to a good network it will automatically go online and show other maps feature like live traffic update. This offline feature was available also in Nokia's Here navigation app far before Android.

This offline feature won't be useful for people who lives in developed country because they have internet connection almost everywhere. But most people who live non-developed country or developing country will be useful for them.

Google pronounced that 60% of the world don't have access to good quality and a fast internet connection, so Google Maps help the most people to travel anywhere in the world without an internet connection.\

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