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22 Sep 2015

How To Adjust Timing of Subtitle in a Movie

These are the some of the major problem facing by users. If you're downloading the unlicensed copy of the movie from local websites, then it may not be the same length of the original copy because the person who distributes the video normally add the intro of the distributor's company. So, you maybe not getting the subtitle at the current time when it is spoken out. I found this problem when I was watching the cartoon 'All Creatures Big And Small' but it was the problem of the subtitle, not the movie's. Anyway, obey the following steps.

1. Right Click 

2. Click View>Subresync or click Ctrl+6

3. Now find the text which is speaking at the current time.

4. Now Right Click the Time of  the Text (or click F5 and skip the step 5).

5.  And click the Current

Thanks for visiting. Hope you got the solution

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