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25 Aug 2015

Microsoft Cortana is Now Available for Android Users in Public Beta, Here's How to Download

Microsoft Cortana is now available for all Android users in the US. Microsoft announced that public beta of Cortana is available for the device operated by Android. Cortana is now available to download in the US Play Store or you can sideload it to your device.

Microsoft announced in May that Cortana will be released in both Android and iOS. A private beta of Cortana was released in June. Which gives Android users an early look at Cortana.

Cortana of Android is exactly same in Windows. It has the same user interface and functionalities which Windows has.

Microsoft Cortana better than Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now. Cortana works offline as well as online but Siri and Google Now doesn't work offline. Cortana can remind you something at a specific time, place or when you call someone but Siri has only the ability to remind. Besides, Google Now doesn't have this function at all. Microsoft Cortana can take notes, add reminder, and ask about weather and you can also ask Cortana that "Do I need a coat?" If it seems like rainy it will say you need or if it is not, it will so "nop" if doesn't need which is very useful.

Cortana is also available in Windows 10 desktop. If you're using Cortana on your PC then, you can use Cortana for Android as the companion app. Once you integrated, you'll be able to access you notes, reminders, emails, and other things from your computer throw your Android Device.

Cortana for Android will ideally leave public beta and see a final release in the coming weeks. Microsoft is trying to make Cortana for the iOS device. However, the Apple's platform is to make it troublesome for Microsoft to make Cortana as valuable on iOS as it's on the different platform.

If your country is India or any other country except the US or the UK, Cortana's public beta is not officially available for you. Microsoft has already declared that it wants to extend support for Cortana to India before the current year's over. But there is still a way to install Cortana in your device just be sideloading. You can get the by clicking here

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