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21 May 2015

How To Use Your Windows Phone As Your PC Webcam

Connecting with your friends, parents or relatives never been easier. With the latest apps/software, we can easily have face-to-face conversations with literally anyone on the planet. And things have never been easier and better. Apps like Facetime, Skype,.. can help us to bond with other fellow beings but one thing is pretty much important for that... A Webcam.

Pretty much all the new laptops — also old laptops — do provide built-in webcams. High-end laptops offer better video quality and vice versa. So for the low-end laptop users and desktop users, webcams are either poorly equipped or don't have one, I'd like to provide a better solution for that problem without even have to worry about all your savings.

Without much talking, let's get straight to the topic. My Webcam is a Windows Phone app that lets the user use their outdated (just kiddin') Windows Phone as a webcam. Setting up is pretty simple; a cable, a phone, and a computer are all you ever need.


1. Download "My Webcamapp from Windows Store on your phone.

2. Download "IP Camera Adapter" software from here.

3. Install "IP Camera Adapter"

4. Connect your Phone to your computer.

5. Open "My Webcam" app on your Windows Phone
(You can select any either 1 or 2)

6. Open "Configure IP Camera Adapter" software on your PC.

7. Enter "Cam Feed Address"(You can find Camera Feed Url in your My Webcam App) in Camera Feed Url"

8. Click "Autodetect" button from "Configure IP Camera Adapter" 

9. Now you'll get a message.

10. Open Skype>Tools>Option>Video Setting.

11. Now you can video call in Skype and as well as in online and other software.

Still using Windows Phone? Comment below. Let us help you, users, to not get bored with your Windows Phone. 


  1. Hi
    Can you advise how to use as a webcam without Skype as I want to use as CCTV system.
    Advise, link or info would be helpful.
    Many Thanks

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. We've been pretty busy for the past few days. Anyway, it is our duty to provide the best to our readers and to ensure that they get the best solutions for what they have inquired. Make sure that you're subscribed to our website and Facebook page to get notified when the article is out.


      Saifudeen Hisham,
      Founder at In Technology World


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