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13 Apr 2015

How To Type Faster in iDevice Keyboard

You've probably spent the significant amount of daily life with your keyboard for Whatsapp, Facebook etc. But do wanna type faster? We've found the some of the simplest ways to save your time.

1. Double tap your spacebar

Double tapping space bar will add .(dot) .

2. Add abbreviations.

This is the one of the fantastic features which most people didn't know about. You can add a phrase and shortcut. Suppose if you're adding 'Oh my God' then you can add a shortcut as 'OMG'. When you type OMG it will automatically change to 'Oh my God' you can add any phrase and shortcut. It's up to you. To add abbreviations. Go to Settings> Genneral> Keyboard> Shortcuts> Add New Shortcuts (+)

3. Add Web suffixes in one tap

Typing  URLs takes a little bit of time because it need slash, dots and hyphen. But we cannot reduce time ion it. Hold they .(dot) button for a while and it'll pop up with some of the top-level domain (or TLD).

4. Splitting keyboard

The splitting keyboard is my favorite feature. To split the keyboard just key your finger on K and D and slide to the opposite side. Slide D to the left and K to the right. Or just watch the video.



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