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4 Apr 2015

How To Setup Password For Winrar File

In this article, I am going to show you How To Setup Password For Winrar File. It is a very easy step. So when you upload your file to torrent or any other sharing website you don't want others to download many files separately. So you want to create one single file in which all of the files are in. And you want to promote your page or whatever it is by asking the users to like your page or do something other to get the password. So this is a great idea for that. If you want you can put a password on the RAR file and put a notepad that saying if you want passwords like our Facebook page or anything like that. Now follow the steps


1. Download WinRAR latest from here. You can download according to your language and your bit.

2. Select your file and click Add.

3. Name the RAR whatever you want. I just named Winrar Pass.

4. Click Set Password.

5. Enter your same password in both.

6. Put a tick mark in Encrypt file names.

7. Click OK.

8. And you're done.

Hope you got solution

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