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27 Mar 2015

How To Get Windows 10 Technical Preview For Lumia

Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows phone is now available for download. This is the pre-release version of Windows Phone OS(Operating System). You should only install this OS if you want to try upcoming Windows Phone operating system. But this has some problems, many  of the favorite apps may not work on it and this is not the completed version of the Window 10 Mobile OS. This OS is still working in progress.

Supported Device:

This OS is not available for all Windows Phone. This OS is only available for six Lumia phones can download and install Windows Technical Preview for Phones. These Lumia's are:

Lumia 630
Lumia 635
Lumia 636
Lumia 730
Lumia 830
Available for more Lumia's will be soon in future.

Backing up your data

This is a beta OS and hence can be very hung. That’s why we suggest you to complete backup your phone Windows Phone first. 

Downloading and Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phone:
The process of download Windows  10 Technical Preview is not too hard.

Follow these steps to download:

1. Visit the Windows Inside Website

2. Click Get Started to sign up

3. Sign your or email 

4. Click Sign in.

5. Click the small box ‘I accept the terms of the agreement (required)

6. Click Submit.

7. I accept the terms of the agreement (required).

8. Move down and click Phone.

9. Click Get the preview.

10. Open the app and sign in your or

11. Click Get preview builds.

12. Now you’ll have two choice:
              1. Click Insider Fast to say on the edge
               2. Click Insider Slow to slightly more reliable build

13. Check all  the warnings  and then if you don’t have any problem.

14. Click Accept.

15. Now, Go home by pressing Windows button on your Lumia.

16. Go to Settings > Phone Update.

17. Tap Check for updates.

Now you’ll be able to download and install Windows 10 Technical Preview on your Lumia.

Hope you got the solution.

Thanks for visiting our page.

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