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1 Apr 2015

How To Hide Or Show Hidden Folder

Files or folders that are hidden is just a normal folder with the 'hidden' option ticked. There are many methods in which you can lock and hide . You may be trying to hide your folder. To hide from others or to find the hidden folders. Some of the system files are also hidden. In this article, we are going to show you how to hide or show hidden files and folder. Okay, now you have to follow the steps

How To Hide:

1. Open the folder which you want to hide.

2. Right, Click>Properties.

3. Click on the box back of the Hidden

4. Now you have two choice:
    1. Apply change to this folder only
    2. Apply changes to this folder, subfolder, and files

     If you want only the folder to hide then click the first one or if you want to hide the folder, subfolder and files click the second one. Now you're folder is hidden.

How To Find Hidden Files:

1. Go to Control Panel>Folder Options

2. Click View from top

3. Change Don't show the hidden files, folder or drives to Show hidden files, folder, and drives

4. Click Apply

5.  Now you can see your folder where  located before hiding.

6. Now you want to hide all other folders which are hidden by Microsoft except your folder

7. Right, Click>Properties

8. Remove the tick mark by clicking on the box.

9. Go to Control Panel>Folder Options

10.  Click View.

11. Change Show hidden files, folder, and drives to Don't show the hidden files, folder, or drives

12. Now click Apply all other files will be hide which is hidden by Microsoft except your folder.

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