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2 Sep 2017

Essential Phone PH-1, Essential indeed.

September 02, 2017 0
Essential Phone

The Essential Phone is the best new phone, coming in 5.71 inches, a  4K 13MP main camera, 4K 8MP secondary camera, 128GB internal memory, 4GB RAM & 3040mAh Li-lon battery.

Announced back in May, released August, the world has gone crazy with this new phone. A strong titanium frame, curved screen, nano-SIM, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Android 7.1, Snapdragon 835 chipset all come with the phone.

It also can come with a separated personal 360° camera that attaches to the phone for an extra $50 USD

It comes at $750 USD. $800 USD with the camera.

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14 May 2017

Everything You Need To Know About WannaCry Ransomware

May 14, 2017 1

What is Ramsonware?

Ransomware is a malicious software the encrypt system files and will block user's access to it. This is cryptoviral extortion attack. The computer won't be unblocked until the payment is done. The system will show a message to unlock it by paying a certain amount of money. Currently, WannaCry is requesting $300 and threating to double the amount if not paid. The payment is done through bitcoin.

It's known to hit 99 countries and worst of all, the National Health Service in England and Scotland. Due to this, many hospitals were forced to cancel any new appointment and also patient's report files were all locked.

Where did it come from?

This concept of file encrypting was invented by two people at Columbia University, Young, and Yung. The was presented at the 1996 IEEE Security & Privacy conference. The operation works in the following way:
    1. [attackervictim] The attacker generates a key pair and places the corresponding public key in the malware. The malware is released.
    2. [victimattacker] To carry out the cryptoviral extortion attack, the malware generates a random symmetric key and encrypts the victim's data with it. It uses the public key in the malware to encrypt the symmetric key. This is known as hybrid encryption and it results in a small asymmetric ciphertext as well as the symmetric ciphertext of the victim's data. It zeroizes the symmetric key and the original plaintext data to prevent recovery. It puts up a message to the user that includes the asymmetric ciphertext and how to pay the ransom. The victim sends the asymmetric ciphertext and e-money to the attacker.
    3. [attackervictim] The attacker receives the payment, deciphers the asymmetric ciphertext with the attacker's private key, and sends the symmetric key to the victim. The victim deciphers the encrypted data with the needed symmetric key thereby completing the cryptovirology attack. - Wikipedia

How Is WannaCry Infecting Ramsonware?

Researchers have also found malicious email campaign spreading 5 infected email per hour.

WannaCry Ransomware Infected Areas Of Globe

WannaCry is using Windows exploit which was stole from NSA called EternalBlue by a hacking group Shadow Breakers a month earlier. Moreover, Microsoft has also released the patch for the exploit in March. Many companies and organization which are using systems that are not patched are vulnerable to this attack.
The worm functionality attempts to infect unpatched Windows machines in the local network. At the same time, it also executes massive scanning on Internet IP addresses to find and infect other vulnerable computers. This activity results in large SMB traffic from the infected host" Microsoft says.
The Spanish computer emergency response organization (CCN-CERT) alerted that the malware can spread easily to other Windows machine on the same network:
The ransomware, a version of WannaCry, infects the machine by encrypting all its files and, using a remote command execution vulnerability through SMB, is distributed to other Windows machines on the same network
According to a report by Kaspersky Labs, ransomware has already hit 45,000 computers in 74 countries. Another report indicates that it has already infected 85% of computers at Telefonica, Spanish telecom firm. Besides that, 16 hospitals in the UK were shut down after the malware infected the computer and doctors were not able to access patient files.

An End To WannaCry

On Friday (12/Apr/17), A security researcher by the name MalwareTech was able to slow down the spreading of ransomware. The malware works like this: It tries to connect to a web domain, if it fails, the infection will proceed. But if it connected successfully then, that's the kill switch. So MalwareTech purchased this domain and was able to stop it for temporarily.

Even though this has stopped the spreading of the malware in a way but the infected computer will stay infected.

WannaCry Is Back With 2.0

WannaCry is now back again with a new name - WannaCry 2.0. After the activation of kill switch which is done by purchasing the domain, WannaCry came back again with no kill switch. However, the kill switch has really slowed down the spreading rate. But WannaCry 2.0 is still infecting unpatched Windows versions.

Over 213,000 computers in 99 countries have been infected and it is still rising every hour. So far they've earned payments from 100 victims and is counted to be $26,090, equals to 15 Bitcoins.
This is the domain that a 22-year-old British security researcher, MalwareTech, purchased. Thinking that the kill switch activated by this guy turned them off is not true.
Since the kill-switch feature was in the SMB worm, not in the ransomware module itself., "WannaCrypt ransomware was spread normally long before this and will be long after, what we stopped was the SMB worm variant," MalwareTech told The Hacker News.

Any Kill Switch To WannaCry 2.0? 

MalwareTech further said that,
Mirai botnet skids tried to DDoS the [sinkhole] server for lulz," in order to make it unavailable for WannaCry SMB exploit, which triggers infection if the connection fails. But "it failed hardcore.
However, after all this effort of stopping it, Costin Raiu, the director of global research and analysis team at Kaspersky Labs, claimed that they've found much ransomware with no kill switch option.
I can confirm we've had versions without the kill switch domain connect since yesterday," told The Hacker News.
Even after this has become one of the trending things on the internet, still, there are lots of computers which are vulnerable to this attack and still didn't patched.

The next attacks are inevitable, you can simply patch the existing samples with a hex editor and it'll continue to spread," Matthew Hickey, a security expert and co-founder of Hacker House.
We will see a number of variants of this attack over the coming weeks and months so it's important to patch hosts. The worm can be modified to spread other payloads not just WCry and we may see other malware campaigns piggybacking off this samples success. 

How To Prevent?

Since it's spreading at the speed of light, there are high possibilities that it would end up infecting your system too. Let us help you to take the precautions that you must need to prevent from getting infected.

Microsoft also released a security update for Windows XP, Vista, 8, Server 2003 and 2008. Furthermore, disable SMP to prevent this attack. All you need to do is find Windows Features and uncheck the SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support. Finally, you can sleep now without any stress.

Hope you find this information helpful. Feel free to share this with your friend and let them also protect their computer from ransomware attack and save an extra $300. Ask them to pay you for helping them protect their system and you pay us by subscribing to our newsletter. Stay Tuned!
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6 Apr 2017

Alcatel is back in business, with a new "revolutionary" phone.

April 06, 2017 0
Alcatel has just announced it's 'Flash" phone, with 2 front-facing cameras, and 2 rear-facing ones. That's 4 cameras! Yes, the rear ones come with flash. However, this is not the first time we're hearing this. The iPhone 7 has it, along with the Oppo F3 and LGV10.

The rear-facing cameras both have 13-megapixel sensors. (HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO COPY SAMSUNG?!) One is color while the other is monochromatic. One front-facing camera is eight megapixels, and the second is five megapixels.(wow.)

We do not know the price of this phone, all we actually know is that it runs on Android Marshmellow, has a 5.5-inch 1080p display (When will 4K come, we don't know.), and has 10 cores, powered by the HelioX20 processor.

I'm just waiting for Windows 20...
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5 Apr 2017

ITW has a new Telegram channel!

April 05, 2017 3
For those who are too lazy to subscribe to our newsletter via email.
The guys at ITW had created a new Telegram channel. You can join Telegram here or at

We will be posting news that we wrote on our website. We wish to also create a group for our fanbase to join and talk to the staff and other fans. This is a very short post but we are just advertising our new addition to the ITW community. Please do join, thanks :).

You can join our Telegram channel here or at
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23 Mar 2017

2 Free Web Hosting With Custom Domain and WordPress Installation Included

March 23, 2017 7
free web hosting sites
Considering starting a website for free? Well, I'm here to say that you landed on the right page. In this session, we're gonna discuss 'bout free web hosting sites on the internet. This post will guide you to find the perfect one for you as it is included the best 2 free web hosting sites. There are some limits but after all, it's free. That's what matters if you're intending to start a small business.

Nowadays, there are plenty of web hosting services like GoDaddy, Big Rock and so on. But the suck your wallet and eventually you may or may not face failure. I'm not complaining them but for a beginner, it's better to stick something that gives for free until you make a decent wage out of it. But if you want to make additional cash maybe for the maintenance or whatever, you can check out 2 Paid-To-Click Website To Make Money Online.

Like I said before, there are some limitations but it's free and I guess it won't affect you right now for a while till your website became very popular. Mainly, the limitations are on disk space, bandwidth and number of websites. Apart from that, they all provide free hosting with cPanel, use of custom domain and especially all of them are ads and banner free. So your website won't look spammy or distracted for the visitors.

Without any further delay, here are the 2 Free Web Hosting With Custom Domain:

1. 000webhost

000webhost free web hosting cpanel
000webhost is one of the best out there. The website provides users with 10GB of bandwidth, 1GB of disk space and 2 websites for hosting for free. Moreover, it also has a website builder along with more than 100s of free well-designed templates or if you want, you can use WordPress too


  • Bandwidth - 10000MB
  • Disk Space - 1000MB
  • Websites - 2
  • Email Forwarders - 5
  • Website Builder - ✓
  • WordPress - ✓
  • For more visit 000webhost features

2. Hostinger

hostinger free web hosting cpanel
Similar to 000webhost but advanced and better. Unlike 000webhost, Hostinger provides more bandwidth and disk space; 100GB of bandwidth along with 2GB of disk space. That's pretty much enough for your website as long as you don't have lots of viewers/day. If you want, you can upgrade to the premium version for a few dollars. Similar to 000webhost, this also doesn't force any ads or banners on your website, makes your website clean and neat as long as you don't mess it up.


  • Bandwidth - 100GB
  • Disk Space - 2GB
  • Websites - 2
  • Website Builder - ✓
  • WordPress - ✓
Now, it's up to you. Which one of the best free web hosting service would you prefer? Did we lose something? If yes, leave a comment below and I'll catch you later. As always, subscribe to our newsletter for more these kinds of posts.

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21 Mar 2017

15 Cool Google Chrome Tricks To Make You Look Like A Pro

March 21, 2017 4

Google Chrome, the most widely used yet recognized web browser in the world. It's my favorite browser and the article you're reading now is written with the help of Chrome. And you... you right there, chances are you're also reading the article in chrome browser. If not, leave a comment below and explain why you're refusing chrome.

Chrome has been the fastest browser out there for a period of time until Microsoft Edge jumped in front of the Chrome and put it in between Firefox and Edge. I will have a deeper look into it in another article until then you can have a look at the 15 cool Google Chrome hacks, tricks, tips and more to save your precious time. To get used to the following hacks as your daily routine may take some time.
It takes time to save time. - Joseph Hooton Taylor

15. Reopen The Closed Tab

This is one of the worst problems I faced for a period. But then I came to know about the shortcut to open that mistakenly closed tab. It's so helpful that you don't need to go to Browser History to open it again. All you need is three fingers on Ctrl+Shift+T. By clicking these 3 keys simultaneously, it will open the closed tab.

14. Cycle With Tabs

Well, now you have opened the unwantedly closed tab but you're in a new trouble unless your mouse is working, just kiddin'. Anyway, to cycle between tabs all you need to do is click Ctrl+Tab to move forward and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to cycle backward. In addition, if you click the number of the tab along with Ctrl, it will open that tab. For example, Ctrl+5, this will work up to number 8.

13. Turn Text To  A Web Address

Time, one of the thing that goes forward but not backward unless you're Doctor Strange. Clicking Ctrl+Enter after entering an URL without .com and www. will automatically add those two and will arrive you at the given destination. That's one really hack.

12. Highlighting and Searching

When you're on your great research or trying to understand the meaning of a word and you want to search it in Google but for some reason suppose you're internet data is too low that it can only load one last page. So this hack is for you. Highlight the phrase, right click and Search Google For "###". This will redirect to Google with the result of what you highlighted.

11. Load Dead Websites

Have you ever had trouble finding a lost website and sometimes end up without finding it after your minutes of research? Here I am to say that maybe that website is down and you can't access with URL you already know about the website by directly clicking enter from the address bar. But there's a solution for it like every maths problems has a solution.

If you're not able to access a website with its URL then, you can check out where they website saves the cached version of all websites in case any internet apocalypse happen. That's more likely never happen unless any AI takes over humans.

10. Use Incognito Mode For Guests

Whenever you have a party or some other meetups in your house and you're crazy relative want to open his social media account from your PC but you don't wanna sign out your account for some reasons that I don't know. Whatsoever, use incognito mode. Next time, when your friend says you to sign out your account, just say to them that there's an option called incognito mode. You can switch to that mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N concurrently, it will pop-up incognito mode and there you are.

9. Reverse-Image Search

This feels more like a detective's thing but it's not. It really helped in many situations. Once I say a scam message in WhatsApp which complaining about a school with a video as evidence. But I found it a little bit suspicious hence I thought of taking a screenshot of the video and doing a reverse-image search. And it did help me.

Google Images is a part of Google search engine which is often used to search photos but if you look at the side of the search bar, you should see a camera icon and by clicking it and upload/pasting the URL will make it look for that image on the internet. 
Do your research, Herlock Sholmes

8. Password Manager: To Not To Type Password Again

The password manager is the best and the worst. It's worst because you if you're somewhere else and don't remember your password; it's best because you don't need to type the password again. But that's not bad for people like Herlock Sholmes because you've built Mind Palace. But for those who hate to type password like me, this is the alternative for you.

Currently, there are several password manager out there but I recommend you to chose the trusted one. I feel like LastPass is a Chrome extension to store all your passwords.

7. Where Does That Link Take You

Time-consuming yet satisfying. Hovering over a link will show where it takes which is displayed on the bottom-left corner of the page. This very good especially when you're at work and don't wanna visit and NSFW websites.

6. Hold Ctrl To Open Link In New Tab

Although, there's an alternative for this option and it is by clicking the scroll wheel on the mouse, however, most laptops don't have one of those. Clicking a link while holding down Ctrl, on the other hand, will make the link open in new tab.

5. Use site: To Find Any Lost Page Of A Website

Using will show all the web pages of this website and similarly, you can do this with any other URL to find the page. However, this trick also works in Bing too.

4. Result Without Searching

The title maybe a little bit confusing. What I meant was in Google Chrome there's an option which lets the user see the result without even clicking enter key to search. Open a new tab, search something like the chemical formula of Sodium Hydroxide or scientific name of Tiger or even temperature of a state, it will show the result without even searching.

3. YouTube Picture In Picture

For those who don't know about this, this is a feature which can be found in some iPhones and now in Facebook too when watching a video and reading your news feed at the same time. Even though this feature can also be found in Youtube app on Android and iOS but for PC users, it can't be done without an extension called YouTube Picture in Picture

Add the YouTube Picture in Picture extension to chrome and you're ready to go. Right click on a YouTube video and click Play Picture-in-Picture.

2. Play PAC-MAN Doodle

Ever get bored? Well, now you can play the very old but not so best game known as PAC-MAN on Google. Search PAC-MAN on Google and it'll display the game on the top of the search list.

Tired of PAC-MAN? Not a problem, you can also play Brick Breaker. Continue below

1. Play Brick Beaker 

Just type Atari Breakout on Google and select Images from there. That's it for now.

Do you think we have lost something? If yes, leave a comment below and make sure you subscribe to our website for more these kind of tech awesomeness and more.

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27 Feb 2017

Nokia is Back To The Phone Marketing

February 27, 2017 0
For people who lived in the 90s and earlier, if you ask them which was your first phone, chances are it's Nokia. The phone which took our heart, introduced us the snake game, puzzle games and more for fun is back to the business again.

Nokia was on the top list of most selling phones from 1998 - 2008. And that's when iPhone3GS popped out and was able to sell 10 million more units than Nokia. At that time, Apple sold 25 million units and Nokia sold 15 million. But don't worry Nokia fans, they got it so far in the next year. In 2009, Nokia was able to sell 150 million units of Nokia 5320 and Apple was only able to sell 35 million units of iPhone3GS, that is, 125 million copies more than Apple.

2009 was the death of Nokia since then it didn't raise well, was not on the top list. From there onwards, Apple and Samsung started to used this opportunity to grow their business. Nokia lost all its hope and sold it to Microsoft on 2013 for €5.44 billion and this was one year deal.

On May 18th of 2016, Microsoft sold Nokia to the company which manufactures iPhone, Foxconn for $350 million. This looks like the reincarnation of Nokia and they're doing well in my opinion.

Introducing 4 Phones

Nokia 3310

The phone is similar to the normal phone. Well, I don't find it any useful other than just to live through your memories again. But the phone got a stylish design from the rest of the physical-keyboard-phone.

Nokia 3

This is the least cool phone of Nokia among the rest. The is powered to handle Android OS, with 2GB Ram, 16GB internal storage and of course 8MP front and back camera. The phone delivers with expandable storage up to 128GB. By the way, the most important of all, the phone has a battery capacity of 2650mAh. After all, the phone is expected to cost Rs. 10999. And a 5” Polarized HD Corning Gorilla Glass which will protect your phone from cracking unless it falls off from the building.

I don't know why'd Nokia phones ever need a gorilla glass cause most of the time they just break the crap out of the floor (just kiddin').

Nokia 5

This phone comes in the middle of Nokia's current 3 smartphones. Apart from Nokia 3, the flagship feature of this phone is the fingerprint scanner. Even though it is now found in most of the phone what's make this one special iss.... (i don't know). Well, maybe it's the affordability, right?

Nokia is like the 2.0 of the Nokia 3. The main difference is the main camera which increased to 13MP. The rest of them are same such as 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, expandable up to 128GB and so on except the Gorilla Glass. This one got 5.2” Polarized HD Corning Gorilla Glass. And a bit of cash difference too.Plus, 3000mAh of battery life. The phone is expected to cost Rs. 13,500.

Nokia 6

This is the best of all currently. Nokia 6 almost entirely different from the rest of the phone except the design. They all got a somewhat similar design. But this phone is my favorite because Nokia 6 comes in 5 colors; Arte Black (limited edition), Matte Black, Tempered Blue, Silver, Copper. 

Nokia 6 comes with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, expandable up to 128GB and a battery life of 3000mAh. To protect your files from accessing, they also brought you fingerprint security. Speaking of protection, they also added Bright full-HD sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass. 

Besides the advantage of RAM and storage, what is special in this than those two. Well, the answer is the camera. The upgraded the camera further to 16MP of rear camera. But about the front camera, I think Nokia is stubborn about that. All the three devices come with 8MP of front camera.

Before the article is about to end, I've one more thing to say about the Nokia 6. Nokia 6 Arte Black is a limited edition variant of Nokia 6. What's this? Two advantages are there - including 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. 

The phone is expected to be sold at a price of Rs. 16,990.
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26 Feb 2017

5 Websites To Prank Your Friends

February 26, 2017 0
Pranking is one of the funniest or tricky ways to make your friend feel dumb or to make you superior to him. Even I had once fallen into a trap that my friend set up. But it was not a big deal and didn't any serious damage (just kidding). It's really fun.

This article contain different types of prank websites; each one of them has different characteristics. Some of them can make you look like a hacker in your friend's eyes and some other can make your friends jealous about you taking to an influential people or whatever. 

Without any further adieu, here are the top 5 websites to prank your friends and tackle their brain:

5. Hackertyper

prank website
This is the website that I mentioned above which can make you look like a hacker. A real hacker. Well, it's not true. I mean, this website can't turn you into hacking but can mislead your friends, thinking that you're a hacker believing that you know programming languages. 

The website looks like a terminal which you often see in movies where the actor typing lots of things and a hacking. It's similar to it. The website writes random codes (don't know whether it's really a code) on the screen like the one in the movies do whenever you click any letter on the keyboard. When you're done writing the codes, you can either click Alt thrice for "Access Granted" message or CapsLock thrice for "Access Denied" message.

4. NorseCorp

This website kinda same but this website got good looking UI. This website can also make you look like a pro hacker in your friends and relatives eyes. Moreover, they can also be used, if you're intending to make a short film or youtube video or whatever. Also, it can make you look like hacker if you left your house opened this website and when your friends see it, they'll awe.

The website looks like a map. Maybe it can be called Tracking software. 

3. FakeUpdate

Apart from those two websites, this website is really different from both. Well, they use this website depends on the people who need it. But what came up in my mind is when you don't want your friends to use your computer, you can use this website on full screen.

The website currently got 10 fake update screen. By clicking one of those, it'll redirect to a new page in which it will look like its updating or installing the OS. It should be used in full screen so that it'd look so original.


2. Fake Social Media Status

This website can make your friends really jealous of you. This website helps you create a fake facebook, twitter, yahoo and another page where you can create a fake facebook status with lots of like or fake twitter tweet too.

Once your completed doing all this stuff, you can download the photo and send it your friend.

1. CrashSafari

This is the most dangerous prank of all. The can make your friend mad at you. So use this prank wisely. Unlike other pranks` that I've listed this one is completely different from all of the above.

All you need to send is the link to this website which can make your friends' phone stuck and they need to restart it to make their phone work usual.

Although, the name is CrashSafari but this also works in Chrome. We're not responsible for any damages that are caused because of it.

Lots of people used this link to crash other's phone. But most of them can't be identified that it's the link of this crashing website because they shorten the URL. So it's hard to understand.

URL:- (Opening this website can freeze your phone)

Warning: This prank can go too serious. So use it wisely
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